A collection of postcard images documenting the golden age of flowing artesian wells across the United States and the world, generally from the early 1900s and with a bias toward Texas. Also included, from time to time, are other water-related postcards.


Well, howdy! Welcome to my blog!

I use this blog to post postcards of hydrogeologic interest, although sometimes I digress. I specifically collect water well postcards of Texas, a wee bit of artesian wells on cards in eastern New Mexico, any card that claims to show the world's largest artesian well, and cards depicting particularly unusual artesian wells regardless of location. You'll notice that I post images of cards from all over the country and world. Since I have a set search on eBay that I check each morning, I go ahead and retain images for future reference and posting. You can, therefore, use this site to get a sense of what may be out there for purchase for your area of interest.

Since January 2014, my goal is to post a new card a day until I run out, although I've been posting at least episodically since October 2010. At the moment (May 2016), I have about 950 cards to post, so I have a ways to go!

I've also posted images of my personal collection. If you have something I don't and you want to sell, let me know! bubb67 [insert that creepy at symbol] mac [dot] com.

Until next time.

One of the unusual non-Texas cards I've picked up. The Artesian Tree!

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  1. Hello! I saw your Bladon Springs AL card and wondered more about it. I am doing a research paper about the old Bladon Springs Hotel & Spa and came across your card. I couldn't see from the picture but what did it have written on the card front or back? I am very curious about the origins of the card. Thanks! ABT